Artist statement

« My art merges my passion for pure bright colors and light through a unique combination of canvas and Plexiglas. My artistic career started 25 years ago with hyperrealistic subjects before I began fixing a Plexiglas on my paintings, and thus mixing tradional and contemporay techniques. I paint my likeness on the Plexiglas, sometimes realistic, sometimes blending in with the canvas behind like a chameleon. I appropriate paintings of art history to disrupt, but also to understand and thus create my own perception of it. Whatever the mean, my concept involves this woman who meditates while contemplating or painting the canvas. I have a feeling that, as long as you keep working, you can overcome any obstacle and find a solution for everything. Even if my likeness is dominant, you can never actually see my face. Identifying the person on the Plexiglas is not what matters here. I want everyone who looks at my paintings to actually feel what I feel by being able to enter in the same contemplation. To sum up, I only paint positive things I like and I want to share all that positive energy with the spectator. This is my way of seeing life: always look at the bright sight of things, and always keep a sense of humor! Behind the paintings, there’s always a story. »

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